Geizeer Team

Our Team is made up of young professionals who constantly want to grow up and improve.

Damiano I.
Ferdinando P.

Emilia P.
Giuly G.
Customer Service

The Geizeer Team was born in 2016, when our project, Geizeer - eco-friendly ice cooling, was launched on the international market where it collected an immediate success. From now on, our goal has been to work in order to improve our professional training and skills. Geizeer was born from the necessity to make the work space more comfortable, at the cost of a few cents per day. Our product is the set of different ideas; the concepts of eco-compatibility and energy saving, found in the use of natural material, as wood, and in the low consumption of the energy it needs to work. These factors are perfectly combined with the design cured of in every way. Our headquarters is in Italy, homeland of the craft, where expert carpenters work every day, with love and dedication, to realize Geizeer. Made in Italy is a guarantee of elegant and high manufacturing that Geizeer offers to every design lover.